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LigamentoplastieCROSS lig - Interference screws

A range of resorbable interference screws for knee ligamentoplasty

CROSS lig interference screws are injected into the Duosorb® composite material, made of ß tricalcium phosphate ceramic and DL-polylactic acid.
This osteoconductive material, which has a mode of action that is similar to that of bone substitutes, has been specially designed :
  • to make resorbable implants for intra-osseus areas;
  • for use in conditions of high biomechanical resistance to flexion and compression constraints depending on the tricalcium phosphate load.


  • Reconstruction of Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL);
  • Reconstruction of Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL).

The concept

One screw CROSS lig for each ligamentoplasty technique (ACL and/or PCL) :

> Fixation of a “purely ligament” transplant of the hamstring tendon, quadricipital tendon type, etc…
> Fixation of a “bone-tendon-bone” transplant of the patellar tendon type.

Product characteristics

has been shown to have significant advantages in relation to materials made of pure Polylactic Acid.
In vitro and in vivo studies have shown that tricalcium phosphate:
  • encourages the phenotype proliferation and expression of human osteogenic cells,
  • decreases the inflammatory reaction – it is a bioactive material,
  • encourages bone healing and resorption, in comparison with pure lactic acid polymers.

It is a resorbable and radio-opaque material.
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